Why join Ta Win?

a) Training & Development


Ta Win provides on job training to staff in order to cope with challenges ahead. So, we provide access to learning, guidance and assistance to ensure employees are encouraged to increase their skill, knowledge and experience.


b) Teamwork

The “Team” is central to everything we do. Everyone contribution makes to our success, no matter how small and the way we grow. Teamwork is important in industry sector and something that everyone can contribute to.


c) Safety

Safety is our top priority to ensure every work given are prepared smoothly with quality to fulfil customer requirements. Safety vs. productivity, when it comes to safety vs. productivity, employee safety should always be the clear winner. In fact, when properly implemented the goals should complement each other. Safe employees are productive employees.


Main Aspect:
–  Providing a workplace free from serious recognized hazards.
–  Comply with standards and regulations listed under OSH act
–  Ensure all employees have and are trained to use safe and properly maintained tools and equipment.
–  Establish or update operating procedures and communicate with employees to follow safety and health requirements.


d) Reward


We expect the very best from our team and employees can expect the same from us.
Are you interested in join Ta Win? Please email your resume to hr@ta-win.com and we will get in touch shortly.

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