Quality Assurance

At Ta Win, we strive to satisfy customer requirements through an effective and efficient production process utilizing high quality materials whilst ensuring overall production quality through continuous staff training and maintenance of a safe working environment. Guided by the quality control system of ISO 9001 and with the aid of the most advanced machines and sophisticated instruments, the entire end-to-end production process is under our strict quality control.


Laboratory Facilities


Ta Win has invested in a comprehensive range of diagnostic test equipment including :


– Oxygen analyser to check oxygen content

– Emission spectrometer to check chemical composition

– Universal tensile testing machine for checking mechanical properties

– Sigma testers for measuring the conductivity

– Microscopes for micro structure analysis

– Hydrogen embrittlement tester

– Shadowgraph for measuring the edge radius

– Surface roughness tester

Just In Time In Inventory, Warehousing & Logistic Management

With market globalisation, increase in competitiveness of business environment and booming of electronic commerce, we have adopted Just-In-Time (JIT) method in our entire supply chain management system which includes inventory, warehousing and logistic.

1. Inventory and Warehousing Management

The JIT concept is implemented to speed up picking tasks in the preparation of orders by using automated systems to reduce inventory errors and optimize goods flow by selecting the best routes for fork lift trucks or warehouse workers to move and store inventories.

2. Logistic Management

We are committed to provide reliable transportation of cargo to customers in the quickest, safest and most cost-effective way possible.


Our vehicles are equipped to handle all types and sizes of cargo in delivering ordered goods to customers’ destination in fast, efficient and timely transport solutions.

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