Product & Application


Product:Copper Rod

Size: 8MM


Oxygen Free,99.99% pure copper

Follow ASTM B49 Standard

Product:Copper Wire

Size: 0.04MM – 3.60MM


Annealed soft wire

Follow BS4109 and JISC3101 Standard

Product:Enamel Wire

Size: 0.04MM – 3.60MM



Electrical insulated,High heat resistance



Our high quality cable and wire products have been extensively used by its customers to produce various types of cables.

Our oxygen free copper has high conductivity, bright lustrous surface and excellent draw-ability which make them ideal for drawing, bunching, stranding, transposing, braiding, tinning and various types of usage in the manufacturing process.

Major applications include :

Automotive Cables
Cables for Oil & Gas Industry
Cables for Aerospace & Defense Industry
Control & Precision Cables
Custom-Design / Flexible Cables
Elevator / Lift Cables
Fire / Heat resistant Cables
Housing & Building Wires
Network Computing Cables
Power Cables
Telecommunication Cables

Magnet Wires

Our magnet wires are oxygen free copper wires with wide range of applications such as magnetic coils inside alternators, ballasts, generators, motors and transformers as well as degaussing coil inside television, etc.

Our wires can be drawn into variety of fine & superfine sizes which ensure excellent surface quality and good mechanical strength and elongation.

Welding Wires

Our copper wire is an ideal choice for tin can manufacturers. Despite the existence of aluminum cans, paper packs and plastic bottles; tin cans remain a popular low cost choice as a container for many food stuff.

Welding of tin can is a critical step in the can making process to ensure no leakage or contamination of stored food stuff.

With excellent control over tensile strength, elongation, and surface quality, our copper wire is a perfect mould for usage in high speed automated welding lines for today tin can welding.



Ta Win’s oxygen free copper has high conductivity and excellent drawing ability, which makes them ideal for production of all types of cable including Power Cable, Housing Cable, Automotive Cable, Flexible Cable, Telecommunication cable, etc.








Magnet Wire


Enameled wires made from our Oxygen Free Copper wire have wide applications in transformers , magnetic coils inside motors, generators, alternators, ballast, etc

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