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Shareholder Communication Policy

Policy Objective
The purpose of this policy is to provide shareholders with information about the organisation and enable them to exercise their rights as shareholders in an informed manner. This is also to promote an effective communication with shareholders by providing them with access to the latest information and to make it easier to participate in Annual General Meetings.

This policy is also applicable to potential investors or other interested parties whom have an interest in the information of the organisation. The organisation aims to be open and transparent with its shareholders by conveying pertinent information in a factual, concise, detailed, accurate and timely manner.

Communication Channels
The board encourages the company to leverage on information technology for effective dissemination of operational, financial, corporate governance and investor relations information and is considering a wider usage of information technology in communicating with stakeholders. The board hopes that this will help in promoting an effective communication and constructive engagement between the board members and the senior management with shareholders on the company’s performance and other matters affecting the shareholders’ interests.

The board intends for its shareholders to have an easy access to its information. Currently, in achieving its objectives, it has applied different communication channels and that includes:

  • Annual General Meeting (AGM) which shareholders are encouraged to attend and participate.

  • Annual Report which is available in CD, hardcopy and in Bursa and organisation’ s website.

  • Audited Financial Statement which is available in Bursa and organisation’s website.

  • Quarterly Financial Report which is available in Bursa and organisation’s website.

  • Via emails either direct to the organisation or through the share registrar or company secretary.

  • Disclosures and announcements as required by Listing Requirements.

Annual General Meetings
Shareholders are encouraged to attend, participate and ask questions personally during the AGM which are held annually in one of the selected hotel or to appoint proxies to attend and vote at such meetings for and on their behalf if they are unable to attend. The Chairman and board of directors committees would be present and are available to answer questions from the shareholders. The external auditor will also be present and are prepared to answer any questions concerning the conduct of the audit and the preparation and content of the auditor’s report.

Shareholders are encouraged to ask any questions at AGMs to ensure greater transparency and accountability of the organisation’s performance.

Shareholders will receive notices of such meetings by post and through advertisement in a reputable national newspaper.

Organisation’s Website
The shareholders can access the organisation’s website, as an available source of relevant information concerning the operation of the organisation, including disclosures, announcement, policies adopted and the board charter and its other committees.

The board encouraged poll voting. The organisation would consider to adopt an electronic voting system to facilitate a greater shareholder participation whenever is deemed necessary and circumstances are permitted.

Annual Reports
This is an important media through which shareholders will be provided with a detailed review and analysis of the organisation’s objective and performance. The Annual Report is an important source of information on the operations of the organisation during the year, changes in the state of affairs, future prospect of the organisation, in addition to other disclosures or announcements required by the Listing Requirements, Securities Commissions and other applicable laws.