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Policy on Continuing Education Programs

Objective for directors

  • To fulfil Exchange requirements.

  • To maintain the professional standard.

  • Continue to improve the competency.

  • Provide one of the main methods for keeping up with professional practice.

Purpose of the Policy

  • Obtain current professional development information.

  • Explore new knowledge in specific content areas.

  • Master the related skills and knowledge.

  • Expand approaches to effective governing.

  • Further develop professional judgment.

  • Conduct professional practice in an ethical and appropriate manner.

Director continuing education is mandatory as recommended in the Recommendation 4.2 of the MCCG 2012. The Board shall ensure its members have access and devote sufficient time to update their knowledge and enhance their skills through continuing education programmers and life-long learning. This will enable directors to sustain their active participation in board deliberations.

The organisation recognizes that it is important to engage in lifelong development to maintain and improve knowledge and skills for competence practice. This includes continuous self-assessment to identify professional strengths and learning needs, establishment of short and long term goals for individual professional development and selection of appropriate continuing education to meet these goals.

Directors should choose those educational programs that could provide them with the most benefit, keeping in mind that the length and rigor of a program contribute to its value. Advance planning for continuing education enables directors to choose more appropriate courses and also to control expenses more effectively.

Individual directors are responsible for determining whether a program meets their requirements and qualifies for continuing education points. Only workshops, courses or seminars that meet these requirements should be reported and these programs should:

  • Update or enhance professional knowledge and skills required for competent performance at the 5-year level.

  • Present current and correct content as documented in the body of professional knowledge and best practice.

  • Foster mastery of new or changes to existing requirements .

  • Assist in self-assessment of knowledge and skills.

  • Provide opportunities for professional growth and development.

  • Further develop professional judgment and promote professional practice in an ethical and appropriate manner.

  • Conducted by persons or organisations qualified in the subject matter.